Very beautiful compositions played with real jazz feeling and a true sense of melody and lyricism, all from very qualified musicians: that’s the winning formula for producing a very beautiful record.Marco Di Marco, whose reputation is well established, knows how to surround himself well and the result demonstrates in synthesis the varying facets of his talent, without forgetting those of Nathan Haines and of his friends

Martial Solal Pianista e compositore

Marco Di Marco is listed twice in a new Catalogue of Classic Jazz book published in Japan. "My London Friends" from 2004 featuring Nathan Haines stands alongside Jazzanova, Koop, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Earl Zinger and The Cinematic Orchestra in the Future Classics section. The rare groove classic "Together in Paris" from 1974 rubs shoulders with John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock in the Modal section.

Jazz Next Standard - 5OO Club Jazz Classics
Giappone 20O5

I have known Marco Di Marco for 25 years. His creative output and consistantly "swinging" jazz piano style has given me joy from the very first hearing.  On his latest cd, recorded in London 2003, he continues to give me aural pleasures with his memorable lyrical melodies and unique improvisations. The Quartet  "cooks" like mad!!!!!   Surely this latest statement by the prodigious Italian master tunesmith will provide equal enjoyment  to all music lovers, Jazz or Classical

Jack Reilly - Pianista e compositore

Marco Di Marco belongs to a small circuit of artists that has been pushing their musical boundaries always further.From the first records I have remained fascinated by his magical hand and his touch on the piano, his soulful skill is unique and now has become a trademark for real rare-groove collectors.When I approached him the first time I wasn’t sure where we were going to head, then in the studio, during the recordings, I realized that Marco and Nathan Haines were creating a masterpiece, making me very honoured to have been part of it.

Simone Serritella - Managing Director
Arision Recordings Limited - London

Marco transports the warmth of his smile into the beauty of his music

Sheila Jordan - cantante Jazz

Di Marco’s style is exciting and fresh. His melodic patterns are woven around pulsating harmonies

Jan Daugherty - Midtown Magazine
New York

Marco Di Marco is undoubtedly one of the finest and most remarkable phenomenona of European Jazz. Right now, in fact, on the international scene, he could certain of be considered as one of the best and most interesting musicians of his generation

R.S. - Down Beat

Marco Di Marco, besides being a remarkable instrumentalist, is an author of beautiful themes. His music is harmoniously constructed with a great exactitude, it imprints a natural fondness making lyrical and songlike the pianist's phrasing

Vittorio Franchini
Corriere della Sera

Marco Di Marco confirmed hopes we placed in him since listening to his very first records. He must be considered as one of the best European pianists

Carlos de Radzitzky - Pourquoi Pas

Marco Di Marco, a pianist with a sure, but light touch, and an inventive approach to soloing which enables him to sustain the interest through his music

Jim Burns - Jazz and Blues

Every year the mastery of Marco's instrument and his creative strength assert even more. By now the talent of this Italian musician is recognized throughout the whole world, United States included. It is made of sensitivity, lyricism, intelligence and love for his instrument - to which we must add a real happiness in the composition of his themes

Alain Gerber - Diapason

That’s an example of an excellent Jazz musician from a distant Country. Marco’s playing is in the stylistic vein of Bill Evans with a dash of McCoy Tyner and Herbie Hancock for good measure. But don’t think of him as a copyist. He has his influences, but who doesn’t? Within his chosen style he plays very well indeed. We add another name to that list of foreign jazz musicians worthy of comparison with most American performers

Peter Friedman - Coda

Marco Di Marco, a pianist at the highest international level, a learned and original composer of great refinement, a sensitive arranger gifted with a strong personality, represents in the world of modern music and in particular jazz, one of the most important artists of our time

François Darini
Alla Ribalta

In "Un Autunno a Parigi" in trio, Marco already showed his great qualities and a marked cleverness of introspection, privilegeing ballads without neglecting rhythm. In "My Poetry" (in quartet with the smart fine sax of Adam Kolker), the Bolognese pianist achieves the apex of his art as a soloist but also as a composer, ranging from blues to bossa nova. With Bill Evans in his heart and with his heart in his fingers

Roberto Parmeggiani
Famiglia Cristiana

Thankfully, with his numerous qualities, melodic understanding, lyricism on edge, refinement and clearness of his phrasing and perfect knowledge of the keyboard, Marco Di Marco reaches the rank of the best European specialists of his instrument

C.O. - Jazz Magazine

The unexceptional propriety with which Di Marco knows how to move himself, agility, spontaneity, not casualness, culture and dense blues feeling. He fully deserves the accolade by Down Beat – who define him as "undoubtedly one of the finest and most remarkable phenomena of European jazz

Bruno Schiozzi
Musica Jazz

The Italian pianist follows his important evolution making him today one of the best European soloists, at the same time a composer of deeply interesting themes, full of refinement and sensitivity

Son Magazine

His "portrait" of New York ("My Poetry") seems to have been realized with pastels: clear, soft colours, which conjure memories of Central Park on a winter's morning.  It is a fine nostalgia that places together the lights of the big apple and the Italian vein of the pianist in an evocative mixture. After all, his harmonies, with the support of the excellent group, are strong and complex and his flights are imaginative, when he frees himself in a solo

Vittorio Franchini
The Classic Voice

(My Poetry) is much deeper, unconstrained and more varied than his previous records, and it is proof of a coherent and continuous artistic ascent. What's more, Di Marco is also a precursor; from his musical education he held a perfect technique and a classical touch that, since the beginning, and more than ever today, conjugates very well with jazz feeling

Franco Fayenz
Il Giornale

Marco Di Marco proves his achievement of full artistic maturity:a great composer, linking the complex harmonic structure of his compositions with the beauty and transparency of the melody, matching a deep musical feeling with an ever flowing technique

Roberto Magni
Il Tempo

Speaking of  Di Marco, we must appreciate above everything, the delicacy of his inspiration, the almost Debussiano tone, the facility with which he dips the paint-brush of the notes in sweeter feelings, melting, almost always into an impressionism that bewitches the audience

Giorgio Martinelli
Il Resto del Carlino

Di Marco expresses in a very simple way the most explicit aspect of his musical trend: a kind of romantic lyricism so well supported and nourished by a sharp sense of improvisation. An extremely fanciful improvisation that has the esteem of not coming of more than is necessary from melodic plots on which he stretches his improvisations

Mario Luzzi

We are deeply struck from the evidence of his talents: feeling, legibility, freshness and what Martial Solal  calls also "lyrical power

Alain Gerber - Jazz Magazine

We are deeply struck from the evidence of his talents: feeling, legibility, freshness and what Martial Solal  calls also "lyrical power

Alain Gerber - Jazz

Di Marco is likened to no one and his music is readable but free, his touch is elegant, European, but his jazz feeling is sure, whether in slow and meditated pieces or in stronger and rhythmical ones. His compositions bring the mark of articulation and variety and always awake the imagination

Franco Fayenz
Discoteca Alta Fedeltà

Marco loves the keyboard and makes use of it with refinement and imagination. He proves that it is possible to make a piano sing: I thought it was impossible

Claude Carrière - Jazz Hot

Marco has the gift of wonderful sensitivity, both as a pianist and as composer.  He also has a personal way of articulating each note he plays

On the Bandstand
Jazz Forum - La rivista della federazione internazionale del Jazz

In my opinion, Marco Di Marco is one of the most creative and most interesting piano-players in Europe. His recordings are wonderful!

Joachim-Ernst  Berendt
(editore, critico, produttore, autore di numerosi libri di jazz)

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